Family Zone meets on the third Friday of each month and is worship for all the family.

Our style of worship is anything but traditional. It is interactive and usually quite noisy, always lots of fun and food (we do like to eat at Pierremont) and crafts, games, something for all the family.

We sing, often more modern, lively worship songs and pray, usually in some creative way and there is always The Word preached but never in sermon form.

We use our garden when it's fine and in July we have our BIG NIGHT OUT. This involves going to a park and setting up a big game of rounders and a picnic, I told you we like to eat. You will need to bring a blanket or picnic chairs and food to share but be warned, some of our dads get very competitive about the rounders!

If any of this sounds like something you'd like to join in with, we'd love to hear from you so just contact us for more info.

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