Our pilot year was a good one with lots of produce and the appointment of a Garden Host to oversee the project.

We found that we were in need of more space, so we are now using some of the large carpark in the Northland building. There we have a lovely large polytunnel and some raised beds plus a few deep bucket type things for growing potatoes in. In the polytunnel things can be grown from seed for both sites as well as housing more tender crops that need to be kept warmer.
Along with the garden produce to give away, we have created two 'pantries', one at each site. These are large cupboards in which we put non perishable food, for people who need it, to help themselves. Anyone is welcome to put in or take out as they are able or have a need.

With the weather being so mixed, hot and sunny for a week then pouring down and cooler we can expect another good harvest this year.

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