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A chance to listen again to the Services you may have missed.

'What ordinary miracles are occurring in your life?' — led by Rev. Brian Hutton — 23.5.21

'Through adversity to the stars' — led by Rev. Graham Cutler — 16.5.21

'A Superintendent groans' — led by Rev. Tim Boocock — 9.5.21

'Christians are the Good News of Jesus' — led by Rev. Brian Hutton — 2.5.21

'Jesus the Good Shepherd' — led by Rev. John Howard — 25.4.21

'A call to be a resurrection church' — led by Rev. Graham Cutler

What's in a name?' — led by Simon Charters — 11th April

Easter Sunday Worship — led by Rev. Brian Hutton

Good Friday Worship — led by Rev. John Howard

Palm Sunday Worship — led by Rev. John Howard

'Only by death, comes life' — Rev. Brian Hutton — 21st March

'The Good Shepherd' — Rev. Graham Cutler — 14th March

'Giving up walls for Lent' — Rev. Brian Hutton — 7th March

'Moving from the 'known familiar' to the 'unknown new' in faith' — Rev. Brian Hutton — 28th February

'Fully human in the wilderness' — Rev. Graham Cutler — 21st February

'You cannot be serious!' — Rev. Tim Boocock — 14th February

'Open the doors for the gentle healer' — Rev. Brian Hutton — 7th February

'Keeping our focus on God' — Simon Charters — 31st January

Worship led by Rev. John Howard — 24th January

'Pandemic loneliness' — Rev. Brian Hutton — 17th January

'Into what then were you baptised?' — Rev. Graham Cutler — 10th January

Worship today led by Rev. Tim Boocock — 3rd January

Christmas Day — Rev Tim Boocock

Advent 4 — Rev. Graham Cutler — 20th December

Advent 3 — Rev. Tim Boocock — 13th December

Advent 2 — Rev. Brian Hutton — 6th December

Advent Hope — Rev. Graham Cutler — 29th November

'Christ the King' — Rev. John Howard — 22nd November

'Consider the consequences' — Rev. Tim Boocock — 15th November

'God is faithful' — Rev. Brian Hutton — 8th November

Worship today led by Rev. Tim Boocock — 1st November

Worship today led by Simon Charters — 25th October

Worship from the Roman Collection at Bowes Museum — 18th October

'God's extravagant generosity' — 11th October

'The call to live wisely and well' — 4th October

'There's a wildness in God's mercy' — 27th September

Welcome Service held at Harrowgate Hill Methodist Church for Rev. Brian Hutton — 19th September

'The parable of the workers in the vineyard' — 20th September

'Drawn out, drawn into, drawn through, drawn upwards' — 13th September

'Keep it, recycle it, toss it?' — 6th September

Worship with Carolyn Lawrence — 30th August

'Jesus, His identity, His Church, Our purpose' — 23rd August

'Forgiveness and reconciliation' — 16th August

'Relationships' — 9th August

Worship with Rev. Richard Teal — 2nd August

'God works for good..' — 26th July

'Christian Hope' — 19th July

'Sowing the seeds of faith' — 12th July

'My yoke is easy' — 5th July

The Church — 28th June

MHA Sunday — 21st June

Remember the World Church — 14th June

Trinity Sunday — 7th June

Pentecost Sunday — 31st May

Aldersgate Sunday — 24th May

God is with us — 17th May

Do you love me? — 10th May

Faith and Obedience — 3rd May

Doubt or Honesty? unless I see, I will not believe it — 26th April

Encouter with Jesus — The Road to Emmaus — 19th April

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