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Selby White

I was an active minister in the Circuit from 2003 to 2014 and remained in the town as a Supernumerary. Currently I hope I'm helping to move the Circuit forwards in faith as we tease out what our vision of God's purpose for us all means in practice.

My journey into faith was family-based, starting out in an Anglican church in Manchester in the days of bible-story stickers in Sunday School booklets!

My wife, Helen, and I came into the Methodist Church through the loving care of a wonderful minister around the baptism of our younger son, Edward. Our elder son, Robert was baptised earlier in the Anglican Church.

From that point God's call on our lives was strong and in short order I became a Church Steward, Local Preacher and offered for presbyteral ministry. It's been a long journey -- not yet complete -- of discovering more and more about, and living in, the transforming love, grace, power and holiness of our Lord and Saviour, Jesus Christ. It's been a joy to serve the people of the Circuit and especially to encourage them to seek, receive and bless others with the gifts of God's Spirit.

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